Thursday, January 5, 2012

Free local calls for only AirTel

Free local calls for only AirTel users on 24th and 25th of the month. Call any AirTel number disconnect after 45 seconds. Immediately dail 123. Disconnect after 3 seconds. Then dail any AirTel number for free! AirTel FREE STD CALLS TRICK: for free AirTel STD, call customer care. Tell them while you are in roaming area your call charge was not deducted from your balance. They replay that due to some technical problem and take your request and free STD will be activated within 2 days! AirTel FREE ISD CALLS TRICK: for free ISD calls, call 121, press 2,4 and 9 then disconnect. After that call 123, then press 2 to IVR. You will ask for recharge code. Enter 54245754213464240 you will hear wrong code. After then your free call will be activated within 72 hours! TWO MOBILES GETTING RECHARGED WITH A SINGLE RC-CARD: Buy an easy recharge card... Dial the recharge code on two phones... recharge is activated on both the phones... Enjoy!!!! DECLARATION: FREE AirTel TRICKS: THE TRICKS PROVIDED HERE ARE NOT ENTIRELY MY OWN. THE SOURCE ORGINATE FORM SOME WEB SITES. I SOLELY DECLARE THAT I HAVE NO OWNERSHIP OVER ANY OF THESE TRICKS..... ENJOY

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